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While there are many definitions of power, today’s society can define power in narrow terms like success, money and title. Real power, authentic power and feminine power comes from standing strong inside of yourself, mastering who you are and channeling all your energy and into creating a life you love and desire.

It’s about inner power and inner strength. Being a fortress where no one person, situation and belief can have total power over you because you are choosing to be a powerful, free-thinking, and sovereign woman who wants to live life on her own terms.



With these new powers, you’ll learn how to shift:


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Many students and clients, after working with me, have moved on to write their first book, change careers, expand into graduate school, move overseas, start their own healing practice, start their own business, step into a leadership role and re-ignite joy in their lives.

You can too!

Let me guide you through a rich, feminine awakening…

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